2005, ISSUE 1

Creation date: 19.9.2016



"POBEDA" Bulgarian manufacturer on world markets

Continuous Development in competition (KAIZEN)

The world is in the stage of crossing from divided markets into the global markets. In such a world where competition is dense, multinational companies need to show competitive superiorities and a number of features enough to unite with the business environment or the countries they do business with. In this context, businesses are in the search for developing new competitive strategies and thus lead to the understanding of Total Quality Management. Continuous Development; constituting the most…

Modern aspects of managerial accounting organization of foreign companies investing in the Russian Federation

On the basis of the administrative accounting and its techniques many economic problems of the enterprises are solved in various reproduction process spheres. Studying the practice operation in the country, the author has come to the conclusion that the maintenance of the administrative accounting at the enterprises includes, on one hand, such important questions as the analysis and the control of investment-making, a basis of management by all the activities of the enterprise. Studying the practical…

Statistical research in business activity trends

The article seeks to make popular business surveys conducted by National Statistical Institute. The experience accumulated so far shows that these surveys can be successfully used to estimate the current business cycle state and to develop short-run forecasts of the future business conditions. The article explains the business surveys methodology, discusses the issues of the interpretation of the results and analyses their advantages and disadvantages.

What is positioning anyway?

The first part of the article discusses one of the most important subjects of the modem marketing - positioning. Standing out are the circumstances that brought the discussion on the subject to a halt and to the practice of applied marketing to a cliche. On the grounds of the Simon Principle for survival not of the fittest, but of the adapted enough, it is shown that positioning is just one of the strategic alternatives, and it is not vital for the success of many companies and brands.

Stages of research and change of organizational culture in companies involved in Interrelation Marketing

The paper examines the process stages of the corporate culture identification and change for preparing the company for relationship marketing implementation. The suggestion in the paper is that every Bulgarian company which intends to implement the relationship orientation has to examine and classify its culture according to the model of Deshpande and Farley and to prepare a programme with measures and activities for culture change or enforcement. Changing the corporate culture will facilitate the…

Theoretical foundations of internal standards for measuring and evaluating threats to corporations

The aim of the article is to submit in general conceptual and methodical aspects of establishing (internal) standard for evaluation of threats to the organizations. According to the article authors this process finds expression in elaborating license board of the organization as an evaluation instrument of threats to it. The license board bases on two types of non-utility functions (by von Neuman-Morgenstem): non-utility functions of licensing institutions regarding changes in parameters, characterizing…

A look at future banking in Bulgaria

The future membership of Bulgaria in the European Union is surely undoubted. The question is are Bulgarian banks ready to accept the challenges of European financial environment? Which are the most significant points showing the opportunities and threats facing them? What are the directions to fully examining of necessary and possible changes in banking in Bulgaria?

On some opportunities for adequate assessment of bank liabilities

The author discussed same aspects of Bank Long-Term Debits Accounting. On the base of examples is sown advantages und disadvantages of new approaches of evaluation this objects of Bank Management.

Investment of derivatives on the American Exchange Market

Nowadays the electronic stock trade with financial instruments is increasing fast. This trade is especially attractive to corporate bodies and physical persons. The present article presents a real investment opportunity for trade with financial derivates. This kind of "gambling" is being examined, as well as a comparative analysis of the criteria for selection of a licensed on-line broker is made, selection of alternatives for participation, specific steps and risk assessment. The research is topical…