2005, ISSUE 2

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Thracian University - Edirne, Republic of Turkey

Presentation of the largest university in the European part of the Republic of Turkey - the Thracian University of Edirne

SitBRAVO is struggling not for survival but for expanding the activity and geographic development of its market

The Single Euro Payment Area - Expectations and Realities

In 2002 the Eurosystem agreed on a cooperation model with the European Payments Council (EPC) to create a Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA). The objective of the SEPA is to enable cross-border payments to be made from a single bank account throughout the Euro area as easily and safely as domestic payments can be made. The recommendation is that SEPA for citizens should be achieved by as early as 2008 by offering citizens and commercial enterprises the chance to use pan-European payment instruments…

Annual topical results of the organization's SWOT analysis determination

The aim of the article is to submit a model for evaluation the actuality of SWOT analysis results of the organization for annual planning horizon within the context of SWOT analysis results for long-range period of its strategic goals. The article is worked out in two parts. Necessity for solving problem of determination the annual topical results of the organization's SWOT analysis is substantiated in the first part. Authors' evaluation model for the annual topical results of the organization's…

Operation Management Systems in the Services Sector

The paper considers the basic systems for service management as well as some specific issues of designing services operations. Alternative ways for problems solving are proposed accounting for the inefficiency in services supply through the adoption of modem operations management concepts.

Minimization of Risk in Portfolio Management

The goal of this paper is to examine the portfolio risk obtained for a given portfolio return for an investment portfolio of assets according to the presumptions of Markowitz model. After minimizing the risk for a fixed return with the method of Lagrange multipliers for conditional extremum, the effective frontier for a sample of Bulgarian assets taken from BSE is constructed. A method for solving the optimization portfolio selection problem using fuzzy decision theory is discussed.

Credit Financing of Investment Activities in Bulgaria - Mission Possible

This paper categorizes and discusses the opportunities for development of the investment bank crediting in Bulgaria. The main research approaches are focused on some key for the investment credit problems scopes. This paper presents the positive and negative aspects of bank investment loans granting in the light of bank supervision steps for holding of the credit expansion. The paper analyses the state and trends in bank investment loaning, as well as the access opportunities for alternative investment…

Stock brokers and constant yield securites in Turkey

Capital markets increase the importance of economic balances with the acceleration of technological development and globalization. But many crises that Turkey experienced affected the investors negatively and then there appeared deficiency of trust. Private sector's drafts and bonds being unable to expand were affected by events, such as tax handicap, necessity of public figures loan, increase of bank number in Savings Deposit Insurance Fund, the 11th September attacks, Enron scandal and this affected…

New investment trends over the counter market of financial derivative instruments

In the last decade the development of the exchange trade has been accompanied by competition on the off-exchange market (Over the Counter Market). Internet has changed into a virtual universal market area, on which every firm can open its virtual shop and begin trading. Obviously, a similar on-line market will facilitate the information transfer for the corporations; it will also make the financial transactions faster and more effective. Its real advantage is the presentation of completely modem…

Development of investment potential and competitiveness of the enterprise

Competitiveness is an ability of production to satisfy needs of buyers for the competifive environment. The economic crisis has led to catastrophic consequences of decreasing competitiveness of production in all branches and spheres of the industry and agriculture. The gained experience of the developed foreign countries has not been used completely and some of the methods corresponding to the ripened situation are studied in this article. Thus, increase of competitiveness of production is possible…

Some problems of entrepreneurship in forestry in Bulgaria

The results from inquiry of enterpreneurs in private forestry sector in Bulgaria are presented. The enterpreneur's opinions on the main problems concerning to the beginning and the development business in forestry are summarized. The motivation for beginning own business, the factors of success, the main management problems in business, the information sources and the financial sources and conditions are investigated. The main directions for development of enterpreneurship in fofestry are formulated.