2006, ISSUE 2

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"Citroen" - dynamics and elegance of the road

The global trends in the compact cars segment clearly outperform purchases compared to other car classes. There are several factors that influence the growing volume of sales of this type of car. For Bulgaria, the main thing is that, with relatively fewer means, the buyer gets a product that is somewhat close to the mass medium-sized car. On the other hand, compact cars have technical features, a variety of engines and interior space that do not fall short of or have little difference with other…

Koch University, Istanbul, Turkey

The mission of the university is to "create the best specialists with higher education by providing world-class training, expanding the boundaries of scientific knowledge and bringing benefits to Turkey and humanity as a whole.

Contemporary Management Practices IV

The conference is traditional, while at the same time each has its peculiarities that characterize it. The first distinct feature of this conference is the increasing interest in both the number of reports and the number of participants and the number of institutions and university centers involved with their representatives. Another peculiarity is that its discovery started with a round table.

Innovative Strategies for Introduction of Technical Projects

The concepts of this article introduce a new method of innovation technology in Bulgaria. Whit this innovation technology our country well be rivalry, with dynamic integration. This conception has a two side - first: Investment of technology and second: A seat of science learning. Examine a position of our country as regards technological invention, this being so inevitably well be make a rival country of international market. The markets of stock and service have a direct connection with innovation…

Technological Models and Approaches for Development of Distributed Heterogeneous Business Information Systems

In this paper are presented new approaches and conceptual solutions for design and development of highly adaptable IT architectures and their deployment in the business organizations aiming at provision of more efficiency and flexibility, possibilities for exchange of best practices, and economy realization in long-term perspective. Service-Oriented Architectures (SOA) approach and Web Services technology, as a dominant method of SOA implementation, are briefly described.

Innovative activeness of oil-yielding enterprises

The article investigates and analyses economic entities producing plant oils and fats, the stress being laid on their innovative activeness, as measured with the following indexes: expenses made on innovations; number of new (improved) products; number of new (improved) processes and number of organizationmanagement innovations. The findings of the investigation have lead to several basic conclusions: first, the chronic deficit of plant oils on the world markets lowers the innovative activeness…

The Role of the Business Clusters in the Competitiveness Problems Solutions for the Small and Medium-sized Enterprises

On the grounds of the understanding of the small and medium-sized enterprises success when in clusters is the fact that they operate like a system, in which the risk is socialised among a wide variety of public and private institutions. Besides the natural or "mature" clusters, it is possible the clusters to appear as a result of initiatives and project measures. The effect for the small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) is related mainly to the focus of the separate SMEs, the abilities for quick…

Strategic Priorities in the Course of Adaptation of Bulgarian Companies to the European Market

This paper reveals the fundamental priorities for adaptation of Bulgarian companies to the European market. Drawn and examined in such capacity are: enhancement of competitive power, improvement of conversance with the legislation in the community and timely change in the vision and strategy of Bulgarian companies. Analyses and estimates are in conformity with the requirements of the European market on the functioning of production and supply.

General evaluation principles of the responsibility centers� budjet fulfillment

General principles that ought to be applied to the evaluation of the responsibility centers' budget fulfillment are systematized in the article. The article has been worked out in two parts. First part is devoted to the procedure of responsibility centers' performance evaluation as an element of the budgetary control process. Author's concept about the general principles used for performance evaluation of the responsibility centers is put forward in the second part. A number of unresolved questions…

21 assertions the negotiation process

In this article do presents the results of investigation on general understand for negotiation process among 21 assertions. Affirmative answers at all kinds of them are juxtapose with analogical answers of investigation on negotiation process, realize in France under guidance of Professor C. Dupont. The first aim is to establish whether have cultural differences in perceives, and the second - to take advantage of them differences answers on assertions for comment and learn of doing mistakes.

A Glance at Globalization in the Insurance Sector and the Participation of Foreign Insurers in Reinsurance

The beginning of this article gives a brief characterization of globalization in the insurance sector. Further the basic guidelines of globalization are revealed, the higher requirements that Bulgarian insurers have to meet posed by the world-famous insurance companies operating in our market are discussed, and the advantages of globalization for the development of the sector in the domestic market are analyzed. The author proposes a set of measures to implement in order to provide opportunities…