2006, ISSUE 3

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The Academy of Finance of the Government of the Russian Federation

The Academy of Finance is one of the leading and most prestigious educational centers in Russia that prepares, re-training and enhancing the qualifications of a wide range of economic specialties: "Finance and Lending", "Taxation and Pricing", "Accounting, Analysis and Auditing", "World Economics", "Mathematical Methods in Economics", "Anti-Crisis Management", "State and Local Government", "Jurisprudence" and also in the "Management"and "Economy".

Manage change

Highlights from the lecture by Dennis Wallach, CEO of Bulgarian Telecommunications Company AD, delivered on March 20, 2006 at Bourgas Free University.

Characteristics of the Bulgarian Administrative Environment and administrative Capacity to Enforce a Public Procurement Legislation

At the down of last millennium civil servants were struggling to solve different important problems. One of the biggest problems is "How to spend better public money". In Bulgaria with forthcoming EU membership there are a lot of problems and questions about norms and implementations of Public Procurement Legislation.

Comparison of the technologies for design of the bank computer information systems

This paper attempts to compare some of the most widespread technologies for building corporate systems. Recently, the process of centralizing these systems, as well as a host of web-based functions, is the reason for this comparative analysis.

Analysis and assessment of the structure and effectiveness of industrial business management

The article looks at problems, related to the assessment of the structure and effectiveness in industrial business management. Research and conclusions are based on information about the development of Bulgarian industry during the period 2000 - 2004, and emphasis is put on the factors, determining its overall situation and the disadvantages of the model applied. Attention is given to company management and its role in enhancing competitiveness of an enterprise, as well as to the model of privatization…

Challenges to BulgarianTextile and Tailoring Industry during European Union Integration Process

In the article are reviewed the basic factors influencing activities and development of textile branch during last few years. Outlined are the challenges lying before Bulgarian producers in expanded European Union connected with changes in taxation and customs laws, lighten of foreign trade regime, stimulation with investment and risk funds and export encouragement strategies.

Good Practices in Human Resource Management in the pre-Accession Period: the Case of �Lukoil Neftochim Bourgas� Ltd.

The article shows two theoretical approaches of human resources management and the policy and practice of the personnel management and development in "Lukoil Neftochim Bourgas" Ltd. according to the single system of standardization of management in the company.

Effectiveness of the commodity market in Bulgaria for the period 1998 - 2004 year

Increasing competitive power of commercial firms requires offering enough quantity of consumer demanded goods with adequate return to firm growth at operated market. Applying similar approach insists on optimizing offering, presented by a commodity portfolio of a firm. In this connection the stage of efficient working of commodity market has a great meaning. This article studies the state of market effectiveness in Bulgaria in reference to consumer goods for the period 1998 - 2004, that serves as…

Price research used in the functional value analyses in the process of new investment goods planning

This article proves the need of using price researches in implementing the functional value analysis even in the planning of the new investment good. In this connection there is a sample that illustrates the mechanism of the implementing of the price researches. Their results are being used for comparing different alternatives for developing products while changing some of their characteristics or functions.

Design and Management of Clients Services

In the globalization process can be seen permanent increasing of the role of the services' sphere and emerging of new, specific in their essence ones. The services have four main features, which have impact on the design of the marketing programs: i.e. ambiguity, indivisibility, dependency and changeability. The practice shows that a part of the products and services are selling well, nevertheless they are a subject of significant number of complains, but strongly attract clients, another part of…

Marketing Alliances in the Tourism and Services Industries: Contemporary Strategic Alternative of the Companies

The paper examines the essence of the marketing alliances as a new market alternative with strategic aims for the companies, the factors for their building and the reasons for the lack of success of some of them. The second part of the paper discusses the different types of alliances in the tourism industry and their goals and draws conclusions for successful building and development of alliances in the tourism and services industries.