2007, ISSUE 2

Creation date: 21.9.2016



The European face of construction

Even with its creation, Eurobuild Ltd. builds its philosophy, which emphasizes the correct attitude towards the clients. High quality, short execution time and investor satisfaction are key priorities in the company's company philosophy. By respecting and enriching its policy, the company has become a leader for all of Southeastern Bulgaria in its field. The scale of the projects, the quality and the perfect performance speak for themselves.

From a theory of trust degree towards economics of trust

The competitive power of the company is very important for its survival, development and prosperity. Each company wishing to obtain a leading position in its field or branch has to take care about its competitive power in the market. The company has to find out various new methods and means to maintain high degree of competitive power in the market. The theory of trust developed by the author on the basis of his observations for many years in the market and outlined respectively in theory, laws…

Concentration of the banking system

This article examines the advantages and the shortcomings of the concentration (fragmentation) of the banking system and the role of the foreign banks in this process. Some theoretical arguments and empirical data are tracked out to substantiate the hypothesis established in the recent years that concentration improves the stability of the system and credit sustainability. Finally the article presents a comparison between the degrees of concentration of the banking systems in Bulgaria and in the…

The stability and growth pact: basic principles and directions of the eu fiscal policy

The accession of Bulgaria to the European Union and the expected joining of the Eurozone demands for explanation of the trends in the macroeconomic policy and the requirements to it. In connection with this the article presents the main characteristics, aims, and criticisms of the Stability and Growth Pact, which is supposed to outline the fiscal macro frame the Eurozone member states should stick to. The basic proposals for revision of the Pact descending from the academic circles are examined…

Information efficiency of communication channels

In contemporary information society the corporate communications, perceived as a set of instruments for implementation and enforcing of policies based on the combination of values and interests, prove to be a doctrinal manifestation of corporacy. Through the methods of adaptation and combination of nature and meaning on one hand and through communication means and forms on the other hand, the corporate communications are able to overcome crises and crisis situations, to construct a communication…

Management of creativeness as a competitive advantage

This article examines a question of present interest in human resource management, namely management of creativeness as a source of competitive advantage for the organization. Some directions to improve and stimulate the creativeness of the personnel are suggested in the article.

Change management through project management

The article presents some important problems of change and projects. The contemporary business environment is extremely dynamic and complex and management faces the requirement to solve various critical problems threatening the development of the organizations. That is why the project-oriented organizations are a suitable and adaptable form for stimulation of change and problem solving.

Personnel recruiting in retailing

This article submits for discussion the problems of personnel recruiting (PR) in the retailing companies. With regard to this in the first part the three factors influencing human resource management in retailing (hierarchical structure, cultural values, and market) are examined, the accent being put on the personnel port folio analysis based on the "professional suitability - labour results" matrix. Personnel recruiting in retailing is examined as a set of decisions that are supposed to serve as…

Elaboration of a daily production schedule using up-to-date information technologies

The article proposes an elaborated and experimented model for optimization of the daily production schedule in the bread-making and confectionery companies by means of the EXCEL's SOLVER function. The developed model is an element of the operative controlling system in these companies and that means that it is bound to other modules. Finally, the author has presented a solution of the problem with the optimization of the daily production schedule.

Reconstruction of the market space - an alternative strategic move in competitive rivalry of the organizations

In today's changing world the strategic choice of the organization is not an unambiguous and single act. This choice is supposed to permit the organization perform better than its competitor does in order to gain a larger part of market demand. The article lays the accent on the consequences of the competitive strategies applied by an organization and on the limited possibilities for competitive success in contemporary business world. The necessity of searching for new rules of competition or of…

The influence of WTO general agreements on competitiveness of enterprises

This article deals with influence of general agreements of WTO on the level of competitiveness of Ukrainian enterprises. The variants of changing of competitiveness depending on market measures, perceptibility to changing of export and import values and also depending on rise in prices of energy resources are substantiated. The problems of development of unprofitable enterprises are solved.

XXI century management in contemporary ideas

At the end of the 20-th and the beginning of 21-st century according to many scientists and practitioners an evolutionary stage of management came to an end and a paradigmatic crisis began. The concept "subject of management - object of management" which used to be the basis of the 20-th-century management paradigm is already exhausted.