2008, ISSUE 1

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Example model and methods to application for making a production schedule

Each one production enterprise need of synchronizing in the weather as well the space of the flowing there transformations processes. This necessitates developing production schedule. The range of the restrictive conditions must be considered at his combination. This require searching proper contemporary manners and meanses for facilitating.

Methods for Investigation of Prime Cost and Expenditure with the Help of Regression Analysis

A method for constructing a multifactor regression model and predicting its technological prime cost. With the help of a MS Excel Regression model technological prime cost data in confectionery and bread production enterprises have been analyzed. The multifactor regression model is adequate and the calculated regression quotients are considerable. The practical application of the model allows the production managers to control expenditure better and to improve profitability.

Theoretical Aspects of Accounting Presentation of Tangible Fixed Assets in Relation to the Applicable Accounting Legislation

This article contains a comparative analysis of the tangible fixed assets (TFA) in the aspects of their recognition, reporting and presentation in the financial statement of the company. The analysis has been done in consideration of the applicable legislation, especially the Law of Accounting, the National Financial Reporting Standards for SMEs, the International Accounting Standards (IAS), and the Corporate Income Tax Act. The basic differences originating from the application of the mentioned…

Specificity in the management of projects according to the type of the executed project

he world of projects is excessively complex to be bound in whatever universally applied classification frame. In spite of this, the paper tries to offer an approach for project differentiation according to four basic dimensions, which aim is to help project managers in choosing the appropriate management style for their project.

Management problems of the international business company in performing strategic tasks

Within the strategic management analysis and taking into consideration the legal status of the civil partnership, which is a non-personified entity, the following question arises: whether the strategic management elements - mission and values, strategic planning, functional strategy development, organizational efficiency management, are valid. So far there is no theoretical and practically confirmed answer. This is due to the fact that the management problems of civil partnerships have never been…

Guidelines of Logistic Collaboration in Slovenia under the Conditions of Global Market Economy

The paper reveals the framework of the collaborative logistics in Slovenia. The empirical study is the port of Koper, respectively its principal operator Luka Koper, which is successfully operated in the context of the continued global expansion of logistics operations and the provision of related services. The study puts an accent on the role of the integrated logistics solution for the port of Koper in order to obtain the target of principal port in Central Europe. To become competitive the location…

The growth competitiveness index as a main indicator for economic growth

The paper presents briefly the advances of economic theory in the years before the construction of the Growth Competitiveness Index (GCI), the essence of the GCI, the methodology of its' calculation and a comparative analysis of the competitiveness of the Bulgarian economy and the other EU economies. The paper presents as well the sub-indexes, that lie in the basis of the GCI.

Problems of the local and regional level

The article is concentrated upon the Problems on the Local and Regional authorities in EU. The situation in Bulgarian, the relative interests on EU, national and subnational level.