2009, ISSUE 1

Creation date: 23.9.2016



Design and implementation of a web platform for collaborative work and knowledge sharing in electronic format

The continuous development of the technology leads to the emergence of new means of communication and the implementation of standard daily activities. These tools should be assimilated by people in a short period of time to be used effectively in their lives or work.
Building a network of real and virtual KeyShop centers is an efficient solution to the above-mentioned problems and challenges. In addition to e-learning and e-business opportunities for network users, expert and consultancy support…

Inflation and Economic Growth in Bulgaria on the Road to the Eurozone

In the present paper, the inflation criterion has been particularly emphasized as the only "problematic" one of the five mandatory criteria for the accession of Bulgaria to the Eurozone. Taking the view that the upward trends in the dynamics of the consumer price index in Bulgaria are to some extent inevitable due to the integration effect of the country's accession to the EU and the gradual alignment of prices and incomes with those in the Community, as well as the relatively higher rates of economic…

Game theoretic approach to bulgaria's eu accession

The intention of this paper is to show the applicability of the game theory to the regional or international unification or trade agreements. In general a policy of application to an established union should be a pure strategy as whether being a member or not. However, if there are alternative states of being part of the international trade, then actors shall determine their strategy to maximize self gains. Although this paper exercises just the economic growth as the gain, the pay-off matrix values…

The comparative advantages of countries in international trade and their quantification

The article attempts to review the development of comparative advantages as a scientific concept and discusses the most commonly used approach to their quantification. Taking into account the advantages and disadvantages of the most common comparative advantages in the empirical research, it is concluded that the widest usability and rich analytical potential has the original Balasha index. Combined is a comprehensive qualitative analysis, the quantification of comparative advantages over a longer…

Competitiveness and state regulation

The article discusses the notion of competitiveness as the ability of nations to achieve high productivity based on an innovative approach to human resources, capital, and physical assets. Competitive is one that produces a lot of value with little resource spending and continually improves this value-to-resource ratio. An entire economy can only be competitive if it is dominated by competitive firms and industries.

Leadership in Public Management Reform

This study is based on a thorough review of topical publications on the role of leadership in public administration and its importance for policy, strategy and public governance. The article presents theoretical views and practical developments that substantiate the thesis that there has been a significant shift and change in terms of effective governance in the public sector. The aim of the study is to examine and enrich existing views on leadership in public administration reform and to justify…

Problems in the formation of project teams in the conditions of a matrix structure (the example of Lukoil Neftohim Burgas AD)

Project management as a project is a relatively new approach, characterized by new methods of restructuring the management and applying special management techniques to make better use of existing resources in a more efficient and productive way.

Accounting interpretation of bank transactions by margin purchases, short sales and loan of financial instruments

The author of this material offers a number of techniques for making margin purchases, short sales and borrowing of financial instruments.

Mass personalization of the service - basis of successful marketing of the interconnections in the sphere of services and tourism

The purpose of offering personalized services is to achieve additional profit through the ability to place higher prices derived from the increased value of the solution, satisfying the general and specific needs of consumers, which inevitably results in better economic performance. The competitiveness of tourist companies during recession and crisis will be much higher if they are individualizing their services. This will help them improve customer satisfaction, which is the first condition to…

Determination of sample sizes when testing parameters of the populations taken from discrete distributions

This study aims to investigate which discrete distribution requires less sample size when estimating parameters. For this reason databases are formed from different discrete distributions with different parameter values using simulation. Samples are taken from the formed databases with Simple Random Sampling (SRS) without replacement and with Sequential Analysis (SA). The parameters are calculated from the databases constructed before and are compared with the values calculated from the sample taken.…

Evaluation of the effectiveness of investing and the use of intellectual capital

The cost-based approach to assessing the effectiveness of the use of intellectual capital can not be productive, since large costs can not be effectively used in improving products. At the same time, a brilliant innovative idea and a corresponding technical idea can provide the creation of a brand demanded by the consumer market with minimal expenses. The resulting increase in quality leads to an increase in the cost of improved products.