2010, ISSUE 1 & 2

Creation date: 24.9.2016



Providing Training on Safety and Security in Tourism Developed within an European Project “TSST”

Tourism is one of the leading national economic industries in Europe and worldwide, which is developing very quickly. It is adopted as a strategic priority for economic development and affects the social, cultural and economic life of each society. The issue of security in tourism is seen as one of the most actual one in the world in 21st century in relation to the security of states and of an individual, travel security, of safety of environment. This article discusses some aspects of providing…

Forming a system for strategic macroeconomic planning in contemporary Russia

The article looks into the organizational problems, aspects, stages and importance of forming the state system for the strategic macroeconomic planning in Russia. The current practice is analyzed, as well as the legal base, the proposals of leading Russian and Western European scientists, the characteristics and principles of macroeconomic planning are revealed, the applied progressive attempt for strategic planning in the regions of Russia is examined. The experience of some leading western countries,…

Evolution of initiatives to develop social responsibility of business in Bulgaria

pplication of information and communication technologies in the management of tourist destinations

Elements and Functionality of Public Communication

Missing values replacement by using ann

Paper treats problems of missing data in questioners in field researches. There was present some usually used methods for management and replacement of missing data and comparison with approach of Artificial Neuron Networks (ANN). In the paper was emphasizing some advantages of the ANN method for categorical data.

In leadership project - timeliness and conceptual basis

The paper examines a live for the contemporary business practice problem, namely - project leadership. The modern paradigm in project management puts an accent upon the behavioral, not just technical aspects of the project, which requires a heightened attention towards the questions in connection with the project human resource management. The evolution of the concept for project leadership is traced back and is revealed the necessity from a situational approach, as well as extensive researches…

Features and management of investment risk in a company

The management of risk in the Bulgarian companies is not yet purposefully developed; the established systems for its management are not adapted in the majority of the economic structures. The necessity of studying the principles of the so-called “risk management” and their use in practice can be justified by many objective and subjective factors, such as: insufficient coverage of the risk in the specialized scientific and popular literature; ignoring it, as a whole, because of not…

Problems of Funds Transfer Pricing in the banks

In the article are presented some practical applied problems concerning the transfer management of bank resources. A comparative analysis of the Funds Transfer Pricing methods is made and are discussed their benefits, shortcomings and prospects for their utilization

Sales Promotion - A Review of Theories on the Mechanism of their Action

The article presents a review of main theories for sales promotion mechanism. A summary of main problems and difficulties in implementing these approaches is provided.

Production and use of image data

The brand image research has two major drawbacks. The first has a theoretical nature - it is not always clear what are the underlying theoretical assumptions that spur the interest in evaluation of the brand image and how different brand images are inter-related with other product categories related to brand positioning and market performance. The second drawback is of analytical nature and is a result of the descriptive approach applied in the analysis of the brand image data. This article presents…

Financial Management in Insurance

Budget technology and policy and the opportunities for their use as a way out of the economic crisis

Budget for the implementation of the EU cohesion policy in Bulgaria in the field of Environmental protection for the period 2007 -2013

The paper presents the EU budget for the period 2007 -2013 and the basic sources for financing the priorities of the National strategic reference framework for the seven Operational Programs in Bulgaria. The crucial importance of the external cash flows, coming from the European regional development fund and the Cohesion fund have been outlined as factors for the implementation of the EU policy in the environmental sector, contributing for the strengthening of the integration processes in the…

New strategy „Europe 2020”: Critical Aspects