2011, ISSUE 1

Creation date: 25.9.2016



Indicators to measure sustainable development of the surface transport

The theme of sustainable development is up-to-date and relevant to the necessity of a certain country to develop in conformity with ecological requirements. This study examines some problems of sustainable development and transport mobility. Key indicators for measuring sustainability of the surface transport in terms of security, safety, environmental friendliness and control are analyzed in this study. Global and national indicators for country sustainable development are the basis for determining…

Eurozone: problems and alternatives

The article treats author's standpoint on the policy and problems of the Currance Alliances.

European union fund's potential for development of bulgarian economy

Despite official negotiations of European Union with Bulgaria in preparation for adhesion started more than 11 years ago,in our country there are questions about potential of one of the advantages related with membership, that need more clarity and adequate answers. This paper offers a different approach from the others that are concentrated on one or few aspects of the theme “European funds in Bulgaria”. Starting with the functions of these instruments of EU's policies, on the…

Essence and forms of international payments. Documentary collection operations- risks, advantages and disadvantages

Company's foreign business is done through a wide variety of economic operations and payments. Form of payment is one of the most important elements of foreign trade contracts. In this article we have examined some of the main ways for International Settlements. Special attention is paid to documentary collections and its species. The risks and benefits of this form of payment are also examined.

Innovations in the field of marketing logistics

The future development of the logistic services sector is oriented towards global, concentrated and segment oriented services. The business processes are standard and integrated in common transparent systems, based upon the partners' and customers' integration. On the other hand the suppliers should…

Application of Quasi-experimental Approach to Analyze Sales Promotion Effects

The article presents the application of quasi-experimental design for analysis of promotional effects. Analysis of sales promotions for three brand FMCG demonstrates the essence of the method, but shows some of its crucial issues.

EM or DA or EM and DA

The research extends the previous work of the author and presents the missing values (MV) problem in Labour Force Survey conducted in Bulgaria 2007 by National Statistical Institute. The mechanism of MV is MNAR and after K-means clustering procedure the database is split in to two general clusters Cluster 7 and the rest data. Missing data analysis is performed to two general clusters separately by using EM Algorithm, Data Augmentation Algorithm (DA) and the form of the DA with starting conditions…

Fuzzy evaluation of investment portfolios

Portfolio management is a well-researched interdisciplinary field. At the same time, there are many new possibilities for innovation through application of various new methods for solving the problem. Fuzzy logic and fuzzy sets are increasingly popular in portfolio management. This paper proposes a new fuzzy approach for evaluation of portfolio management, where the approach is viewed by the authors as a sub-phase of the management process of these portfolios. The approach defines the mutual…

Impact of global crisis on the aggregate activity of the Bulgarian economy

This article focuses on the changes in the aggregate economic activity measured by Gross Domestic Product in the Bulgarian economy before and during the current crisis. In addition, it analyses the activity by economic sectors as well as presents comparative data with the new member states of the EU. The paper discusses the channels and mechanism through which our economy would exit from crisis

Statute of gold and hypothesis On the prices of precious metals - Part III

The article, which is presented as a comment, discussions and analysis is the third part of a more detailed research of the international markets for gold, the new conformities, perspectives and forecast that arise from them. In the respective aspect we give light to the statute of gold, the tendency of demonetization of the gold metal, the basic postulates of the international conferences for post war doctrine. A number of expert evaluations about the future dynamics of prices of gold have been…