2012, ISSUE 2

Creation date: 26.9.2016



State of the art and evaluation of the welness and spa management in Bulgaria

The success of a tourist destination is impossible without well qualified and ambitious staff who keep an eye on innovations and their implementation. Besides, in line with the trend of growth in the tourist industry, respectively the increased interest in spa tourism, the biggest challenge is the adequate parallel development of human resources which underpin the design and development of the tourism product that is offered. The systematic need for staff development in the field of the so called…

Long-term Effect of Promotions on Brand Sales

In this article we verify the hypothesis of the existence of long-term effect of promotions on brand sales. We conducting unit-root tests to identify whether time series (brand sales) are stationary over time, in addition we apply segmented regression models.

Methods for missing data analysis

This publication is a first part of the biggest research, which should be presented in two publications, concerning missing data analysis in empirical data base. In this publication are mentioned the reasons and are presented the mechanisms of missing data. The author shows implementation, advantages and disadvantages of the simple methods for coping like listwise and pairwise deletion and other methods for single and multiple imputations.

How management statement can transform from an evidence for past performance, to a report for future possibilities

The author puts some of his views on the possible priority of management statements on the future of business.

Personnel satisfaction and inclination to leave (after the example of “SKF Bearings Bulgaria” JSC)

The material is devoted to a problem actual not only for Bulgarian business practice, but in a global plan as well and namely - personnel turnover. Turnover is connected with direct expenses for recruitment, selection and training of the newly appointed personnel, as well as with indirect costs - following from worsening of the performance, drop in the morale and loss of strategic opportunities…

Application to the SWOT - analysis as a rule and premise for the management effective of the economy to the regions rural in Bulgaria

SWOT - analysis it is element of the management often encloses with develop of the strategy to the development of the regions and of the business - unity at them. Hi permit is analysis influence externally and diagnostic in the interior state of the region and of the unity at him, with purpose construction of the strategy effective and system from the measure for the management and development.

Search engine optimization and search engine marketing (SEO / SEM) - effective ways of positioning the organization on the Internet

This article discusses marketing strategies for search engines, whose goal is to achieve effective positioning of websites in search engines, and will highlight the benefits of Internet marketing strategy as a whole from the perspective of small and medium-sized companies, are also seen attitudes and behaviors of Internet users in making purchasing decisions and the impact of the Internet and search engines on it.

Exploring the impact of economic crisis on sales - Theoretical and Practical Aspects

This article examines the impact of the economic crisis on sales. The study is presented in two parts. The first part defines the concept of crisis and crisis characterizing the types of enterprise level. The second section examines the impact of the crisis on sales of brewing in the following guidelines - sales volume, packing containers, beer consumption and investment in the sector. Finally listed the leading trends in the sub-sector as a result of the crisis.

Competitive environment on the hotel services market in Bulgaria: status quo and specifics

The main aim of the European concept for tourism is the promotion of the competitiveness in a long-term perspective because according to the economic analysis of EC tourism is on third place in Europe as social-economic activity after trade and construction sector. At the same time one of the main 4 priority components for action in order to achieve the aims of the Initiative “An Industrial Policy for the globalization era” is again the promotion of the competitiveness in European…