Job Satisfaction of Albanian nurses: A New Measurement Tool

Author: Indrit Bimi (University of National and World Economy, Sofia)

Keywords: nursejob satisfaction, Albania, questionnaire, dimensions, factor analysis.

Through this work we use a large sample of Albanian nurses, respondents to a highly technical, 76 items questionnaire representing 14 nursejob dimensions, to construct a practical efficient tool for daily use with the goal of evaluating nurse job satisfaction. The challenge of maintaining the necessary nurse staff in a low paying environment is indisputably related to nurse job satisfaction. The Albanian health care human resources need to voice themselves continuously. The batch of (N=2067) responders questionnaires served as the database to create through factor analysis a 13 questions questionnaire through underlying questions from the first questionnaire aiming to be used in all the Albanian nurse population. KMO (Kaiser-Meyer-Olkin) equals 0.979, which in the tests values tables falls under the category 'marvelous'. Bartlett's Test of Sphericity has a significance value <0.001 as required. The 13 items questionnaire is the product derived from the 76-question questionnaire. The new tool reflects the original's one values and goals. It can be tested and used for daily purposes of nursej ob satisfaction or in combination with other evaluation tools, like quality outputs on national or local hospital level.

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