Stock brokers and constant yield securites in Turkey

Author: Selcuk Duranlar, Instructor (Trakya University Havsa Vocational College Havsa- Edirne, Turkey)

Keywords: Stock broker, Investment, Constant Yield Securities, Treasury bills, Government bond

Capital markets increase the importance of economic balances with the acceleration of technological development and globalization. But many crises that Turkey experienced affected the investors negatively and then there appeared deficiency of trust. Private sector's drafts and bonds being unable to expand were affected by events, such as tax handicap, necessity of public figures loan, increase of bank number in Savings Deposit Insurance Fund, the 11th September attacks, Enron scandal and this affected the private sector wanted to go public, negatively. This caused capital market to stay in low position when compared to similar countries. In this study, with our country's macroeconomic balances going public, the state of stock broker was compared with rate of exchanges abroad by duplicating constant yield securities in total investment means

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