Techniques for Dealing with Customer Objections in Insurance

Author: Galina Stoyanova (Burgas Free University)

Keywords: insurance, customer objections, commercial process.

The insurance activity is carried out through insurance advice by insurance intermediaries. It puts at the center of the provided insurance service - the customer, with its long-term and short-term goals, specific needs and objections, dreams and fears. Today, deep knowledge of the client is achievable and is based on intensive communication with him. The conscious and active use of the capabilities of structured communication during commercial meetings is a prerequisite for success in the sales of insurance consultants or brokers and expansion of their client bases, as well as to increase customer satisfaction with the insurance service by type of insurance. The main objective of the scientific material is to place priority emphasis on the importance in the use of successful practices, techniques and skills in insurance sales that increase the benefits of insurance activity for all parties to the insurance relationship. One of the key challenges in the work of insurance intermediaries is the smooth and expert overcoming of the customer's objections in the process of their insurance.

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