Technical Requirements

Structure of the scientific article - heading, key words, introduction, main part, conclusion, bibliography used.

Volume of the scientific article - from 5 to 30 standard print pages (1 print page = 1800 signs).

Structure of the scientific announcement - no introduction, just stating the topic of the research, the hypothesis, the aim and tasks. The exposé presents the steps of the research, the systematization of information, its interpretation and the results achieved.

Volume of the scientific announcement - up to 10 print pages.

The first page should contain: heading (no abbreviations); names of the author/s; organization (institution) of the author/s; abstract in Bulgarian and English – not less than 150 words and key words up to 5.

Technical parameters - font Times New Roman, size 11, line spacing Single, Word 2000, identification of the new paragraphs 0,6. The footnotes are to be numbered consecutively with Arabic figures and minimized by number and volume. The drawings and diagrams should be clear and compatible with the offset print, and pointed as figures and numbered consecutively with Arabic figures.

Bibliography - according to the standard rules.